Likron advises independent utilities and energy-intensive businesses in the procurement and marketing of energy. We develop and implement modern quantitative strategies achieving systematic profit enhancement while consistently controlling risk. Our spectrum ranges from market-proven trading strategies to tailor-made solutions based on individual customer requirements.

The Likron team consists of seasoned experts from the energy trading and capital markets business. Our expertise covers the full range of quantitative analysis of markets and trade ideas to their IT implementation. By utilizing our close link between market- and IT-expertise we can develop trade ideas quickly and flexibly with minimal time-to-market and integrate them into your trading work flows. This profile makes us unique in the power trading business.

What sets us apart

  • Firsthand experience in energy trading and capital market business

  • Expertise in quantitative analysis and IT

  • Highly qualified staff

  • Independence

  • Partner of the Microstep Alliance



Likron was founded in 2010.