Likron Order Management Module

Brokers or managers of diverse portfolios are faced with the task of placing a variety of incoming buy and sell orders from internal and external customers in the short term markets. The netting of opposing orders offers significant savings potential in relatively illiquid intraday markets.

The Likron Order Management Module executes the aggregation and possible netting of orders and passes the aggregate orders on to the Likron Automatic Execution Service (or ComTrader for manual intraday trading). The market transactions (trades) are assigned to the original orders and connected downstream systems (portfolio management system, scheduling system, etc.) are supplied with data accordingly.

The module can be used in day-ahead and intraday trading and is easily and flexibly integrated into existing forecasting and trading processes.

The Order Management module is implemented as a client-server solution as part of the Likron trading framework. The technology is based on Microsoft .Net / C # and SQL Server.

Customers: brokers, utilities, marketers of renewable energies