85% of leading German direct marketers trust Likron

Direct marketing of electricity from renewable energy sources is booming. This is one of the reasons why the results of the annual market survey by the trusted industry publication Energie & Management are a fixed institution and eagerly awaited every time. This year’s survey was well worth waiting for as Read more

V-world, the first Volue Virtual Trade Fair

E-world 2021 has been cancelled, long live V-world! Even though the cancellation of this year’s E-world was inevitable, it reminded many of us yet again how much we are currently missing face-to-face meetings and the informal exchange of news. To partially fill this gap, Volue has now launched the V-World. Read more

Volue acquires Likron to create algorithmic trading powerhouse

We are pleased to announce that Likron will be part of the Norwegian green-tech group Volue AS going forward. As the Center of Excellence for Algo Trading for energy markets in Munich, Likron will contribute crucial and strategic elements to the future energy infrastructure of self-trading power plants and flexible energy systems. Read more

Likron celebrates 10 years

Founder-led since 2010, our company has developed into one of the leading service providers in short-term energy trading on the EPEX and Nord Pool energy exchanges. Our highly trained and motivated employees have enabled continuous development of the Likron Execution Service, while earning Likron a reputation as a service-oriented partner to the energy trading industry with more than 30 satisfied customers. Read more

Enhanced Swiss ICS cross-border trading in June 2020 Software release

Trading between Switzerland, France and Germany with our Likron Automatic Execution Service is now easier. Traders can now choose to let the strategies decide for themselves in which market areas they want to be active, taking into account capacity availability. The strategies thus achieve the best possible prices and are able to take advantage of cross-border time and location spreads automatically. Read more

Likron Execution Service offers extended fee model with start-up support

As power and gas trading markets become increasingly demanding and labor-intensive, short-term energy trading is becoming a greater focus even for small and medium-sized energy system operators and service providers. In order to provide these companies with easy and cost-effective access to the world of automated energy trading, we have extended our fee model for the Likron Execution Service with the Start-Up tariff, a staggered fee model including all relevant functions of automated algo-trading and full support in the start-up phase. Read more

Additional Market Access to EPEX Nordic Intraday

Since the energy exchange EPEX activated Nordic intraday trading on May 26,2020, our customers have had the freedom to trade on the market areas in Northern Europe either through the Nord Pool Group’s system interface or through the EPEX interface. As an Independent Software Vendor on both exchanges for many years, our customers are actively trading significant volumes on both exchanges. Read more

Likron seeks reinforcement

We’re still growing, and are looking for smart pioneers to support us in many different roles. The growth in products, services and customers we experienced in 2019 continued in 2020 in spite of the difficulties brought on by the coronavirus. To find out more about what makes us special, and for current job offers, among others for the roles of developer, analyst and account manager, please visit our careers page. Read more

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