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Direct marketing of electricity from renewable energy sources is booming. This is one of the reasons why the results of the annual market survey by the trusted industry publication Energie & Management are a fixed institution and eagerly awaited every time. This year’s survey was well worth waiting for as it provided some eye-opening insights into a very competitive market segment.

Despite the Corona pandemic, about 50 companies took part in the 13th Energy & Management survey, providing a number of interesting insights in addition to pure portfolio size.

One result stood out for us: of the top 20 direct marketers in this overview, no less than 17 companies are among our customers. That the lion’s share of the leading direct marketers rely on our solution, makes us very proud.

One of them is Sunnic Lighthouse, whose figures recently caused quite a stir: The Hanseatic company was able to expand its portfolio by more than 1,000 MW to to a total of 5,750 MW. Growth was particularly strong in the area of solar capacities – here Sunnic managed a boost of 70%. With a reported capacity of 3,900 MW, the company is now only close behind Next Kraftwerke, the largest German direct solar marketer with a contract portfolio of 4,020 MW.

The majority of companies surveyed expect growth in their own portfolios in 2021. One exception is Iberdrola Germany, which expects its portfolio to shrink. The majority of the companies surveyed also market third-party portfolios via white label contracts. With WET Wind Energy Trading, BKW, Statkraft Markets and Sunnic Lighthouse, four companies manage external portfolios with a capacity of more than 1,000 MW.

More information on the results of the direct marketing industry survey is available directly from Energie & Management.

Whether you are a direct marketer or not – we will be happy to support your company in marketing its assets on the European intraday markets as efficiently as possible.

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