Additional Market Access to EPEX Nordic Intraday

On May 26, 2020, the energy exchange EPEX activated Nordic intraday trading on its systems. Since then, our customers can trade on the market areas in Northern Europe with the familiar EPEX system interface.  We have been an Independent Software Vendor of EPEX since 2014 and our customers are very active on the SIDC (formerly XBID) markets as well as on the local EPEX markets.  Since 2016 we have also been a recognized ISV of Nord Pool Group, and significant volumes have been traded on Likron systems in this energy market as well.

Likron’s customers are now free to choose trading on the Nordic Intraday markets through either the Nord Pool Group’s system interface or through the intraday market access of EPEX. As believers in a liberalized energy market, we are confident that this freedom of choice for market participants makes the European energy market stronger.

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