Enhanced Swiss ICS cross-border trading in June 2020 Software release

Our Likron Automatic Execution Service offers automatic cross-border electricity trading between Switzerland and the SIDC (XBID) members Germany and France. Until now, traders had to decide in advance in which market area a certain strategy should trade, by combining real-time intraday electricity trading on EPEX with corresponding capacity booking via the Swiss ICS. With the new function, the strategies can decide for themselves in which of the market areas with capacity they want to be active. To accomplish this, the trader enters the orders with a flexible market area in order to achieve the best price currently available in the three market areas. For example, a flexible capacity in Switzerland can first sell electricity in France at higher prices and then later buy back some of this capacity in Germany at lower prices, while placing additional volume in parallel in the less liquid Swiss order book. An automated strategy can also trade across borders and switch to the local or SIDC (XBID) market after ICS gate closure or when no capacity is available.  In this way, the automated execution service achieves the best execution over available capacity in the market areas Switzerland, Germany and France.

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