V-world, the first Volue Virtual Trade Fair

E-world 2021 has been cancelled, long live V-world! Even though the cancellation of this year’s E-world was inevitable, it reminded many of us yet again how much we are currently missing face-to-face meetings and the informal exchange of news.

To partially fill this gap, Volue has now launched the V-World. This is Volue’s first virtual trade fair and will take place on 14-15 April. The idea is simple: Volue gathers 30+ industry experts from the companies Powel AS, Insight by Volue (formerly known as Wattsight) and Likron for short meetings in an informal setting.

Even though it won’t be the same without the obligatory Currywurst during lunch break and the hustle and bustle of E-world, we are looking forward to very interesting conversations with the participants.

Experts from all areas of the Volue Group await you:

  • Production Planning & Optimisation Software
  • Automated Trading Software
  • Scheduling & Logistics Software
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